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Groupes, éducateurs, agences touristiques

Ces visites peuvent s'adapter à vos besoins

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Tours Kaleidoscope proposes guided visits that are adapted to reflect the specific interests of groups

We invite you to look at our alphabetical index ''Visits from A to Z'', and our ''Calendar of daily visits for the general public'' or, even better, call us at the number below so we may discuss your needs.  We offer our clients more than fourty different visits.  Every request is treated personaly in order to satisfy your needs.


·       Choice of time and day of the visit (if available)

·       Theme and duration of the visit is adapted to the needs of the group

·       Preferential pricing

·       Personal planning and coordination with the group representative


·       Professional guides and conference speakers

·       We will take our conference services to your location at your request

·       Planning and reservations for your stay

·       Qualified tourist guides for your classic tour of Montreal and/or Quebec city.

Taking a vacation in the vicinity

Have you ever wondered about the development of a certain area in Montreal? Or, wanted to discover other communities and their culture?  Maybe question the origins of great religions and have the privilege to access their place of worship?

Kaleidoscope will quench your thirst for details and satisfy your curiosity.

Let us help you discover the nearby world with our team of professional guides who will make your experience rich and unforgettable.